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The other week, Aloysia introduced a phenomenally painful new stretch into our warm-up.  I did the only thing I could do - begged for mercy.  And then I went about trying to recreate it at home.  And that’s how this seemingly innocuous foam roller found its way into my daily routine:

Here’s a link to a demonstration of the stretch from hell (warning: DO NOT BE FOOLED BY HOW SIMPLE THIS LOOKS!  It hurts like a *%&$^#@!)

A lifetime of long-distance running, coupled with years and years of neglect has left me with hamstrings, quads and IT bands that, on a good day, could be described as “tight.”  As I get into the realm of trapeze tricks that require greater and greater flexibility for both safety and aesthetic reasons, I’m having to get serious about improving my range of motion.  The foam roller is a relatively inexpensive investment but I’m finding it to be a valuable addition to my aerial arsenal.  I definitely recommend getting one for home use - and would add that the 36” version is worth the extra money.  That way you can use it for lower ab work as well.

Of course, my dog has zero empathy when I whine about holding my pike stretch in the living room.  Although in that respect, she’s not much different than my favorite CSLA coaches, either.
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